David Garcia is a professional filmmaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico, working in commercial broadcasting throughout the Southwest. His post-production company halflife* digital provides support for many films and TV series produced in New Mexico. Additionally, his production team was part of the recent Oscar nominated “Hell or High Water,” the critically acclaimed Netflix series “House of Cards,” and the AMC hit television show “Preacher.” 

Garcia was hired to document how three New Mexico teens died in an avoidable plane crash while surveying the Gila Wilderness in Southwest New Mexico.  A “quick video” about the accident became a year-long film project, “A Heart, A Soul, A Voice, The Lives and Legacy of Michael Mahl, Ella Myers and Ella Kirk.”  Inspired by the kids, their lives and the environment in which they lived,  Garcia fell in love with the Gila River.   “The real impact here is the opportunity to expand Ella, Michael and Ella’s legacy into one of international conservation. I hope the film will be the tool that activists need to have the Gila River permanently and irrevocably saved by naming it as a Wild and Scenic River.”